GetTopTabs Search helps you easily change and set your default search engine.

GetTopTabs Search is a free Chrome browser extension that enables you to change and set your default search engine in a simple way. GetTopTabs Search allows you to select preferable default search engine that is different from your usual search engine, and a as result you are able to quickly search more than one search engine with ease.

By clicking “Add to Chrome”, you accept and agree to install the GetTopTabs Search Chrome extension, set the Chrome Default Search to GetTopTabs Search powered by Bing, and adhere to the Terms and Privacy Policy.

How it works:
1. Under the GetTopTabs Search extension settings, you can choose from a few top search engines.
2. Once you have selected your default search engine, your Omni bar (address bar) searches will be done through the default search engine that you have selected.
3. Enjoy a simple and easy way to update and search different search engines.
Visit our website at https://gettoptabs.com/
Read more about us: https://gettoptabs.com/about/
Read our Privacy Policy: https://gettoptabs.com/privacy-policy/
Uninstall Instructions: https://gettoptabs.com/uninstall-from-chrome/
If at any point after installing GetTopTabs Search, you feel it is not right for you, don’t worry about it! There are two simple ways to uninstall the extension.

Removal Instructions One:
Step 1: Right click on the extension in the top right corner of your browser.
Step 2: Click ‘Remove’

Removal Instructions Two:
Step 1: Click on the three dots/horizontal lines icon in the top right corner of your Chrome browser.
Step 2: Go to "Settings".
Step 3: On the left-hand side, click on ‘Extensions’
Step 4: Find the extension that you wish to remove and click the ‘Remove’ button.
Step 5: The extension should be removed from your Chrome browser.

GetTopTabs Default Search in the Chrome Store: